What are the 20 best things to do in Nashville?

Nashville is renowned for its hot chicken, with most restaurants serving it at four different notches: mild, medium, hot and VERY HOT. Grab ranch dressing and pickles to help quench the fire, and don’t forget the piece of white bread under the chicken, soaking up all those delicious spices.

Men’s Journal: 14 New Ways to Do Chicken Wings

“One sure way to tick off a Tennessean: Confuse Buffalo wings for hot chicken. Hot chicken is coated in spicy seasonings and usually comes on white bread with a pickle. The smoked wings are flash-fried and then tossed to order, ranging in heat from mild to “Poultrygeist.” Or, you can get them drenched with Buffalo

The Tennessean: 5 to Try – Food of Champions

“Nothing quite fires us up as a nation like watching the Olympics. There’s just something about turning on the TV and watching top athletes who’ve devoted their very lives to one sport competing for an ugly necklace that makes us feel all weepy as we lick the Doritos dust off our fingers. While these five meals fall far short of that kind of carb-loading, rest assured you will feel like a champ after each and every one, because you are the winner of eating.